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How to Create a Dog-Friendly Office


We know from experience how fun it is to have dogs in the office —we’ve done it for years! Dogs can lift morale, bring people together, and generally create a more fun atmosphere to work in.

If you’re new to bringing pets into the workplace, you might not know quite where to begin. Here are some steps to take to help make your office dog-friendly:

Check building guidelines and insurance requirements

Play on the safe safe and check that your office building allows pets before assuming they’re welcome. Be aware of any legal and liability risks that might arise.

Consider your co-workers and clients

Your very first move towards making your office dog-friendly should be checking that everyone in your office is comfortable with the decision. If someone is allergic, afraid, or even easily distracted, a dog in the office might be a bad idea! In a similar vein, people visiting your office might not love being greeted by a wet nose or loud barks. Consider putting a sign on your door that warns people, or keep the dog(s) in a separate space from wherever you’re greeting visitors and clients.

Conversely, many people will adore making a new furry friend! Pets have a way of putting many people at ease. A few snuggles with your office pooch may make someone’s day!

Create a comfortable atmosphere

If you plan on having dogs in your office frequently, bring in a bed or cozy rug. Set out water and food bowls, stock up on some treats and toys, and keep an extra leash (and poo bags!) on hand for exercise breaks. Cleaning supplies are also a must, just in case!

Set clear guidelines

If you call yourself a dog-friendly office, be aware that your coworkers or clients might want to bring their dogs in, too. Creating a pet policy will help ensure that everyone is on the same page regarding responsibilities and expectations. Some questions to ask:

  • Is your dog house trained?
  • Does your dog bite or show signs of aggression?
  • Is your dog comfortable with all ages and genders?
  • Does your dog get along with other dogs?
  • How much attention/interaction does your dog require?
  • Are you committed to giving your dog all of the care he/she requires while visiting our office?

Once your office is all set, enjoy the many benefits of having pooches nearby!

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